Blue Water Resources, LLC

OAHU (808) 678-3661 
BIG ISLAND (808) 443-5112

Ohana Health Plan:
Phone: 1-888-846-4262

United Health Care:
Phone: 1-888-980-8728



Aloha Care:

Phone: 1-877-973-0712

Kaiser Permanente:

Phone:  808-432-5955 (Oahu), 1-800-966-5955 (Neighbor Island)


Common Questions

What are Case Managers?

Case Managers help people identify their needs, resources, and goals.

Going Home Plus (GHP):

The Going Home Plus (GHP) is a Medicaid program that helps residents who have been living in hospitals, nursing facilities, and ICF/ID facilities move back into the community. For those residents who choose to live in the community, the GHP project will assist in finding housing (if the resident does not have a home to return to) and services

*Private Pay
*Long Term Care Insurance, if applicable 
*Other Insurance 

Payment for Services

Insurance Plans

Home and Community Based Service (HCBS):

HCBS is a Medicaid program that provides services to individuals that live outside of nursing homes; they instead reside at home or in their community.  Community, in this case, can refer to living in the home of a caregiver, a board and care home, an assisted living residence, or senior living community.  Community is meant as a distinction between someone who does not live in their own home but does not live in a nursing home.

When would I need Case Management?

In the event your health or a loved one’s health worsens, and is unable to provide the care that is needed to function to the best of one’s ability. 

* AARP:  
Phone: 866-295-7282

* Cardon Outreach: 
Phone: (800) 417-4845

*Office of Aging:
Phone: 808-961-8600 (East Hawaii), 808-323-4390 (West Hawaii)

* Department of Human Services MedQuest Division:

Phone: 808-692-8099

Phone: 808-933-0339

Phone: 808-327-4970

Community Resources

What is Case Management?

Case management is a human service provided by experienced certified professionals who assess, plan, facilitate, coordinate, monitor, and advocate for the individual in need.

Current servicing programs

Blue Water Resources, LLC provides professional Case Management Services to the Adult Foster Home Community in the state of Hawaii, with services on Oahu and Hawaii Island (Big Island). Our experienced and Certified RN/Case Managers provide monitoring services to ensure our patients are receiving the best quality of care possible. With comprehensive assessments, our staff is able to customize and achieve the best care plan that suits each individuals specified needs.  Our goal is to relieve family caregivers of the daily stress and struggle that comes with caring for our elderly and disabled community.